The Flood of 2011 Fundraiser Design

Flood of 2011 Fundraiser Shirt - Note the "Lee" in BareLEE is a play off of the storm name.

The Flood of 2011 impacted so many individuals across the area. People are doing the best that they can to clean up the mess and start to put their lives back together, however they need help, both physical labor and financial resources. If you have a chance, go help someone cleanup and rebuild. We created this shirt to help with the financial needs that individuals face. NuWaka will donate $10, for each shirt sold, to the local New Hope center. The New Hope center is also in need of diapers and feminine hygiene products for flood victims. You can drop those off at Vestal United Methodist church and Pastor Annette will deliver them to the New Hope Center.

Click on the image to get yours and help those in need!