We accept reservations and make each member of your party feel special. Each guest gets their own name plate and design station where they get to be a fashion designer. Girls get name plates with a female designer on them and boys get name plates with a male designer on them.

Members then select from tens of thousands of existing designs that they can make their own by changing the color, adding text, combining together or even drawing their own design. Choose from sports, music, splatter, peace signs, animals, dance, racing and many, many more. Great designs for boys and girls!

Once a design is complete our super rad printer prints directly on the clothing each member has picked out.

Add additional embellishments to garments. Our rhinestone machine creates a template with the member's name and they can apply the rhinestones directly to their garment. Boys can also add their names and favorite numbers using the same technique that you see on the back of professional athletes' jerseys.

Each guest walks away with the article of clothing that they created at the party.

Most importantly, they get to have a fashion show and model their new look! We record the event and give you a DVD of the fashion show so you can watch it over and over again. Participation in the fashion show is optional but almost all have a great time on the runway!

The average price range is $20 to $25 dollars per person based on individual designs and number of embellishments.
Get all accessories 20% off during parties!

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